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Ribui provide the digital media experiences that enable the museum and cultural sectors to engage their visitors and develop their understanding.

Digital Media

Ribui specialise in creating digital content to engage users in an interactive way that develops understanding. Experience, engagement and understanding of any subject is determined by the user’s relationship to its story, so Ribui works closely with experts in the field to develop excellent in-depth content to stimulate and involve. With diverse backgrounds in education, computer gaming and software development, the Ribui content team offer a deep pool of expertise to bring a subject to life. Beginning with the creative process, we tailor the narrative to fit the context and develop software to enable the user experience. Utilising 3D gaming and design, image recognition and other leading edge technologies, we create original and exciting content to make each story an adventure.


We passionately believe in the power of mobile technology to transform the way that we engage with the world, and we harness this passion for our clients. Together we are driving the evolution of the printed word, making use of the most advanced technologies to create fiBooks, an interactive multimedia app that turns your printed brochures and annual reports into a rich and engaging experience. Our belief and guiding principle is that technology should be simple and beautiful for our clients and their customers, and we are looking forward to working with you to make something we will be proud of.